Notes on Older Versions of Photoshop

If you are using versions of Adobe Photoshop which are older than version 5.5, there are a few additional things which you must know. Photoshop versions PRIOR to version 5.0.2 have a color bug which causes colors to shift substantially when saved as GIFs or JPEGs; do not use versions earlier than 5.0.2 for web graphics. Also, remember that you must NEVER save GIFs using "File/Save As...", but only "File/Export", where you will create a "GIF89a" export file; the "Save As..." feature creates GIF files which are excessively large, while the "Export" feature creates properly compressed GIFs.

Again, if you are using Photoshop 5.5 or later, always save GIFs and JPEGs using "File/Save for Web".

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