Exercise One

Creating a page with HTML-formatted text

  1. Create a generic HTML page. TITLE it "Persuasion".
  2. Create a folder on your hard disk named "exercises".
  3. Save the HTML page into the folder "exercises" as "exercise1.html".
  4. Copy and paste the text from "module1PersuasionText.txt" into "exercise1.html"; this text file is included in the exercise materials which you may download from the links below.
  5. Format the text in your HTML page into paragraphs using the (<p></p>) tag set; add bold tags (<b></b>) to emphasize words typed in ALL-CAPS.
  6. Test your page in a web browser. Make corrections, if needed.

Download Exercise Materials
Mac Files (.sit -- 7K)
PC Files (.zip -- 7K)

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