Opening and Testing an HTML Page in a Web Browser

Once you have saved an HTML page to your computer's hard drive, you may open that document in a web browser window (using Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator) and see what it looks like.

There are several different methods for opening HTML pages in web browser windows. You may:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and choose "File/Open File..." to find and open the HTML page.
  2. Launch Netscape Communicator and choose "File/Open/Location in Navigator" to find and open the HTML page.
  3. Launch Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator and drag the html page file icon from its folder on the hard drive, and drop that icon into the open browser window.
  4. Drag the html page file icon from its folder, and drop that icon onto a shortcut (Windows) or alias (Mac) for Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator.
  5. (Windows Only) Double click on the HTML page itself to open it in Internet Explorer.
  6. (BBEdit Only) Once you have finished editing and saving the HTML page using BBEdit, you may choose "Preview" from the BBEdit's HTML Tools palette; this will open the selected web browser and preview the HTML page.
  7. (HomeSite Only) In HomeSite, you may click on the "Browse" tab in the text editing window to test the HTML page after you have created and saved that page in the text editor.

There are other methods, but these are the most common ones. Select whichever method is easiest for you, or use them all!

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