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Beatnik Player 2.0

The Beatnik Player 2.0 lets you experience a new world of interactive web audio directly from Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, or the AOL browser. Content sonified for the Beatnik Player enlivens the web with interactive music and sound. This latest player can play MP3-compressed samples along with compressed instrument data which can be wrapped into our own, highly-compressed, encrypted and copyright-protected RMF (Rich Music Format) format.

Fast downloads - RMF files are tiny when compared to .wav files and other standard audio. You can find yourself waiting for a half an hour just to hear one song with other web-based audio devices, while similar music could be played in RMF format, with as little as 10K without repetition.

High Quality - Because of our exclusive Beatnik soundbank, and our ability to let RMF composers introduce linear audio samples into their music, our sound quality is as good as any audio on the Internet. And with the $19 upgrade to Beatnik Pro, you get true CD-quality sound, and a bigger, more powerful soundbank for even better-quality sound.

Interactivity - The Beatnik Player creates a new experience fo web-users, one where sonified buttons respond instantly with clicks, where navigation bars respond to your movements, where tempo and instruments can be changed by your interaction with the page, or the web-site. Try it out, and we think you'll agree that Beatnik is a whole new world of audio.

Beatnik Player 2.0 - New Features!

  • Support for Internet Explorer and the AOL Browser
  • Support for secure, interactive MP3 - An industry first
  • More advanced reverbs for better-quality sound
  • Better compatability with other sound plug-ins (takes on .rmf and .midi file extensions)
  • More dynamic scope view
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