Project Four

Final Project -- Due Week 12


Create at least 6-10 HTML pages of an original website on a topic of your own choosing. This website should be made carefully, with decent content and attractive presentation; it should NOT contain filler content. I want you to have a simple portfolio piece, when you're done, which you can be proud to show to potential employers.

The website may be humorous, personal, artistic, educational, serious, or business-oriented. Obviously, you will not be graded on the quality of your graphics (since not all of you are graphic designers), although you may collaborate with an artist, if you so desire. As with Project Three, you will be graded on competence (all links and pictures working), code clarity (use strict syntax and don't forget to close those tags!), and navigational clarity (use redundant navigation and keep the user oriented so that they are never lost). I also want to see you use a linked CSS document to achieve attractive text treatment in this site; you should assign fonts, font sizes, and colors to various tags in a harmonious manner. If you set different colors for your text, make CERTAIN that I can tell which text is just colored, and which text is a hyper-reference (hint: make certain that your definitions for the pseudo-class include the text-decoration property set to the underline value).

You do NOT have to use every piece of HTML we have studied in this course; if you did, your website would be a chaotic mishmash. Use only things which are appropriate for your subject. When in doubt, keep it simple!

This project is due in the final week of class, so you have three weeks to finish it. When it is finished, it must be mounted on a web server on the Internet, as you did for Project Three. Post the URL to your final project on the threaded discussion for Module 12 (NOT THIS MODULE); include your FULL NAME along with the URL, please. I will append comments on your project to your message in the threaded discussion for Module 12.

Again, do not recycle any of MY code from previous modules for this project, or you will NOT receive credit. If you wish to adapt portions of one of YOUR previous projects (projects one, two, or three) for this final project, you may do so; if you choose this option, please email me at to receive project approval.

If your final project is extremely large or elaborate (more than 20 or 30 pages), an incomplete prototype project IS acceptable. If you have any questions or concerns about project completion, or if you need to receive an extension of time, please feel free to contact me to discuss your situation.