Exercise Three

Creating a Redirect Page

I have created two very plain HTML pages for this exercise, which you may download from the links at the bottom of this page. The first HTML page is the "redirect" page, which says that your site has moved to some other location. The second HTML page is the new "home page" for your website; presumably, this second page would be on some other web server on the Internet, but, for the purposes of this exercise, it will be in the same folder as the first page.

Add a META tag to the first HTML page which, after 10 seconds, automatically advances to the second HTML page. In addition to this META tag, you should also add an A (anchor) tag to the text of the URL on the first page which will take a user directly to the second page; this sort of "click-through" link allows users who don't want to wait for the delay to "click-through" to the second page instantly; it also provides users WITHOUT web browser auto-refresh capabilities some means of progressing to your second page. Whenever you use the META tag auto-refresh capability, you must also include a "click-through" link on that first page, whether that page is a splash page or a redirect page or whatever.

After you have finished the exercise, you may review this solution HTML code for the first page.

Download Exercise Files
Mac Files (.sit -- 2K)
PC Files (.zip -- 1K)

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