Exercise Four

In this exercise, you will modify a frame page using some of the FRAMESET and FRAME attributes discussed earlier; you will also add a NOFRAMES tag to that frame page. In addition, you will create a link which will erase the frameset by setting the TARGET attribute of an anchor tag equal to "_top". All the files that you will need to complete this exercise are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Note: The set of exercise files below provide the "solution" to Exercise Three, if you care to check your work from the previous exercise.

  1. In "frame.htm", add the NORESIZE attribute to all of the FRAME tags.
  2. In "frame.htm", define the frames as borderless using the BORDER, FRAMESPACING, and FRAMEBORDER attributes of the main FRAMESET tag; set all three attributes equal to "0" (zero).
  3. In "frame.htm", add a NOFRAMES tag just before the closing FRAMESET tag. Insert an alternate BODY tag as a child of the NOFRAMES tag. Add a simple paragraph of text inside this alternate BODY telling users that a frames-capable browser is required to view this page.
  4. Open "displayPage.htm". In the last paragraph on the page, there is a reference to a newsletter. Link the word "newsletter" to "newsletter.htm"; set the TARGET attribute of that anchor tag equal to "_top" in order to erase the frameset when the user follows the link.
  5. Test "frame.htm" in the browser. Test the link that you have just created; also check to see that your alterations to the frame page are displaying correctly. Make corrections, as needed.

Note: Web browsers will not completely reload frame pages when you hit the "Reload" or "Refresh" buttons. To FORCE a browser to completely reload a frame page (or any page, for that matter), you must take the following steps:

Netscape Communicator: Hold down the "shift" key while pressing the "Reload" button to initiate a "force" reload.
Internet Explorer: Hold down the "option" key (Mac) or the "control" key (PC) while pressing the "Refresh" button to initiate a "force" reload.

Download Exercise Files:
Mac files (.sit -- 9K)
PC files (.zip -- 6K)

Download Solution Files
Mac files (.sit -- 12K)
PC files (.zip -- 8K)

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