Project Two


In the "Real World" Table Construction section earlier in this module, we walked through the step-by-step creation of a "two-column" fixed-width table layout for Masumoto Multimedia. For this exercise, you will create a "three-column" fixed-width table layout from your own design. Use "spacer" GIFs in their own cells to create gutter columns between the main columns, as we did in the example layout. Use nested tables to create articles within a main column cell.

Again, you will be graded solely on technical competence and adherence to the principles laid out in the Real World Table section; the BEAUTY of your design is NOT relevant to your grade. If you have few design skills, feel free to use filler graphics or family photographs or whatever you have on hand (Note: do NOT recycle MY graphics from the Step-by-Step exercise!); filler content is also acceptable. On the other hand, if you ARE a graphic designer (or want to be a graphic designer), then of course I will expect a much more cohesive and beautiful design. Either way, however, I expect to see clean code and clear structure in your table layout.

You will turn in a folder, containing one HTML page (displaying the table) and a folder of GIFs and/or JPEGs used on that page. Do NOT include original PSD files in your graphics folder; include ONLY final GIFs and JPEGs used in the project! Use Stuff-It to compress the entire project folder into a SIT file, and attach the compressed file to a message in the threaded discussion area for this module. Include your full name in the accompanying message, along with anything I should know about the project or any questions you might have.

You have one week to finish this project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or one of the TA's for the course. Good luck!