Exercise Six

Relative URLs

In this exercise, you will create a simple mini-website in order to practice the use of relative URL syntax.

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1. Create two folders, "gertrude" and "fred". Place these two folders in a folder named "harry".

2. Create two HTML pages each for "gertrude" and "fred", for a total of four HTML pages; name the pages in "gertrude" as "page1.html" and "page2.html"; name the pages in "fred" as "page3.html" and "page4.html". Place an H1 heading at the top of the BODY in each page, stating the relevant page name; this will keep you from being confused about which page you're looking at when you test the pages. Test your pages; make corrections, as needed.

3. Create a "graphics" folder in "gertrude".

4. Create a "graphics" folder in "fred".

5. Each "graphics" folder will contain two images. Put "capitalA.gif" and "capitalB.gif" in the "graphics" folder in "gertrude"; put "capitalC.gif" and "capitalD.gif" in the "graphics" folder in "fred". These four GIFs are included in the stuffed/zipped archive attached above.

6. Each HTML page must have three hyper-references, one to each of the other pages in the site.

Example code:

<p><a href="./page2.html">Link to Page 2</a></p>

7. Each HTML page must have all four images displayed. Example code:

<p><img src="./graphics/capitalA.gif" width="54" height="54" /></p>

Note: All the graphics in this exercise are the same size, 54 pixels wide by 54 pixels high.

Note: You will only need two relative URL prefixes to make this exercise work correctly, "./" and "../"

8. Test pages. Correct errors in code.

Here is an illustration to clarify the organization for this mini-website:

You may view the completed version of this exercise to see what the finished pages look like.

You may download the solution files (.sit -- 16K) after you have finished the exercise in order to check your work.

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