Exercise One

Using the ALIGN attribute to Modify Headings

  1. Create an HTML page. TITLE it "Wiring".
  2. Save the HTML page into a folder named "exercises"; name the page whatever you like (following the naming rules outlined earlier).
  3. Copy and paste the text from "module2Exercise1.txt" into your HTML page.
  4. Format the text into paragraphs and headings; "Working with Wiring" is H1, "Stripping and Splicing", "Switches and Outlets", and "At the Box" are H2, and all the other headings are H3. Save often.
  5. Use the ALIGN attribute to center all H1 and H2 headings. Leave your H3 headings and paragraphs alone.
  6. Test your page in a web browser. Make corrections, if needed.

Download Exercise Files
Mac Files (.sit -- 3K)
PC Files (.zip -- 3K)

Text excerpt from "The Family Handyman Helpful Hints", Reader's Digest Association, Inc (publishers), 1995

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