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1 Make sure you have the Beatnik Player installed in your browser.
2 Buy one of the RMF Music Collections or download our Free sample RMF Collection.
3 Unstuff or Unzip the collection.
Note: if you need help with this, go to HSTN-1026: Why can't I open the products that I downloaded?
4 Open the file called README.HTML in your collection folder. Click on the first link under the "Embedifier" heading, which will take you to an Embedifier page. Click the link to a demo embedifier page with our free sample RMF files.
5 After fine-tuning the behavior of your music, copy the enbed line at the bottom of the embedifier into the HTML file you are sonifying, making sure the the path to the RMF files stays correct.
Note: if you need help with this, go to HSTN-1025: Why can't I hear the music I just embeded in my page?
6 View your site in its sonified glory!

Web Authoring for RMF

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